EoleWater. Making Fresh Water From The Air

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The eolewater wind turbine is a design with benefits for all over the world – especially in dry remote arid regions that need both drinking water and electricity.

The eolewater freshwater wind turbine is the invention of eolewater’s CEO Marc Parent, and his company, located in Sainte Tulle, France, is bound to have significant interest this year from regions wishing to provide 100% sustainable drinking water to their communities. Marc Parent ran through the specifications of the eolewater, which is available in eight fixed mount sizes and 3 mobile sizes. Power output ranges from 1.8 kW on the 3.2 metre rotor diameter “WMS 50″ to 600 kW on the 50 metre rotor diameter WMS 25000.

From a water production standpoint, the eolewater wind turbine is an amazing invention. The wind turbine blade powers the generator, which in turn powers a cooling compressor that converts gaseous water in atmospheric air into liquid water using a heat exchanger and a humidity condenser. The WMS 50, eolewater’s smallest wind turbine, can produce 18 litres of fresh water over 24 hours in desert conditions (30% RH) and 75 litres of fresh water over 24 hours in coastal climates (70% RH). The largest eolewater wind turbine, the WMS 25000, produces 4597 litres / 24h of water in desert conditions and 33,131 litres / 24h of water in coastal climates.

From a sustainability standpoint, the eolewater wind turbine makes electricity, and water with zero emissions and can provide sustainable drinking water to a huge number of communities across the Planet. The three mobile versions of the eolewater wind turbine can be used in disaster relief situations to provide fresh water and electricity.

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